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Network SPD WPX-BHSA-16R2-5

Network SPD WPX-BHSA-16R2-5
Product Name:Network SPD WPX-BHSA-16R2-5
Product introduction:100Mbps transfer rate; 16 Channels protection; RJ45 socket; SPCC housing;
Product application:16 Channels protection; RJ45 socket; SPCC housing;
Phone number:+86-731-88650578
Contact E-mail:service@hnwpx.com
  • 100Mbps 16 ports 5V network spd detail
      Signal surge protector WPX-BHSA-16R2-5 type products are mainly used for TCP/IP communication network; protect signal lines of electrical equipment against the influence of lightning electromagnetic pulse, induced over-voltage, operating over voltage. Signal surge protectors are widely used in communications, security monitoring, and industrial control fields. Under the premise that does not affect the device’s normal communication, it has a good lightning protection effect.

  • Model Number


    Art No.

     691 112

    Operating Temperature Range


    Relative Humidity


    Atmospheric Pressure

    86~106 kPa

    Working Voltage


    Impulse Durability 1.2/50μs

    5 kV

    Impulse Durability 8/20μs


    Voltage protection level Up


    Data transmission


    Interface Type


    Protected Lines

    Line-PE   16 lines protection

    Enclosure Material

    cold-roll steel sheets



    Protection Degree




  • 100Mbps 16 ports 5V network spd operating indication

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Hunan WPX Communication Technology Co., Ltd (short for WPX) was established in August 2009, specialized in manufacturing surge protective device. Our Products are widely used in communication, electric power, finance, transportation, petrochemical, security monitoring, weather and PV, radio and television, and other fields. We have our R&D department, processing workshop, sales and after-sale service team, and have built more than 2000 square meters production base.

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