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Box type power WPX-ALL230-BSPA20

Box type power WPX-ALL230-BSPA20
Product Name:Box type power WPX-ALL230-BSPA20
Product introduction:Uo:230v, Imax:20KA It
Product application:It covers LED lighting fixtures, street light, critical gate motors, and other electrical equipment, ensuring secure access to guarded properties
Phone number:+86-731-88650578
Contact E-mail:service@hnwpx.com
  • 230V 20KA Street light surge protection detail

    Easy, safe, and maintenancefree operation.

    Repeatable surge current Easily retrofits on existing Compact Module attaches Standard visible alarm function indicate reduced protection. ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Category A ,B, & C3 Compatible ANSI/IEEE C62.11, C62.45 Tested.

  • Part Number


    Modes of protection


    Rated Working Voltage Uo


    Max Continuous Operating Voltage Uc(L-G,N-G,L-N)


    Total Discharge Current Itotal(8/20μs) (L-G,N-G,L-N)


    Max Discharge Current Imax(8/20μs) (L-G,N-G,L-N)


    Nominal Discharge Current In(8/20μs) (L-G,N-G,L-N)


    Max Discharge Current In(8/20μs) (L-G,N-G,L-N)


    1kA,Voltage Protection Level Up(L-G,N-G,L-N)


    5kA,In Voltage Protection Level Up(L-G,N-G,L-N)


    10kA ,Imax Voltage Protection Level Up(L-G,N-G,L-N)


    Enclosure material

    Ivory ABS

    Degree of protection(IP code)

    IP67/IEC 60529

    Operating indication(Customized Version Only)

    LED and visible alarm



  • 230V 20KA Street light surge protection operating indication

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Hunan WPX Communication Technology Co., Ltd (short for WPX) was established in August 2009, specialized in manufacturing surge protective device. Our Products are widely used in communication, electric power, finance, transportation, petrochemical, security monitoring, weather and PV, radio and television, and other fields. We have our R&D department, processing workshop, sales and after-sale service team, and have built more than 2000 square meters production base.

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